IMT Cranes

Articulating Cranes <15.5tm

Not only can IMT knuckleboom cranes easily load and unload materials, even when the work site is full of obstacles — they can stow within themselves, freeing up payload space for additional materials. We offer cranes that are ideal for virtually any project — with capacities at minimum reach ranging from 905 lb – 6300 lb (410 kg – 2860 kg).

Articulating Cranes >16tm

The perfect addition to most any job site, IMT knuckleboom cranes make loading and unloading easy, and range in capacity from 116,450 – 320,000 ft-lb (16.1 – 44.3 tm). And since they can stow within themselves, they offer more payload space for additional materials.

Hydraulic Loaders

Ideal for handling stacked or palletized material, IMT hydraulic wallboard loaders provide excellent lift capacity, extensive reach, precise maneuverability, and exceptional operator visibility — even in tight places.

Telescopic Cranes

All of our telescopic cranes feature cycle times designed for maximum productivity, a lifting capacity of 14,000 lb (6350 kg), a number of winch speeds, anti-two-block protection, overload shutdown systems, cylinder holding valves, and a tethered remote control. And because they’re compact, they require minimal mounting space. You can choose 12-VDC power or PTO-driven hydraulics, which can also be equipped with radio remote controls.