Crane Inspections Montana

Crane Inspections Montana

The safety of your personnel and equipment is very important to us at Anderson Service, Inc.  We offer complete inspections of your overhead cranes, hoists, aerial lifts, car lifts and other lifting equipment including spreader beams, rigging and below the hook devices.  All Anderson inspectors are nationally certified and well versed in OSHA, CMAA and ANSI/ASME regulations.

As an owner of this type of equipment it is imperative that you have your cranes and hoists inspected at required intervals to stay in compliance with regulations as well as ensuring the safety of your lifting equipment and personnel.

Each device will receive its own detailed inspection report that will let you know the condition of your crane and any deficiencies or hazards that are present.

How often should I get my crane inspected?

Anderson Service Inc  inspectors always follow the most stringent standard for each device to protect the customer and ensure we are maximizing safety.  The four categories of overhead crane inspections are:

  1. Initial Inspection: OSHA requires that prior to initial use all new and altered cranes shall be inspected. This is a documented visual inspection after installing a new crane or hoist and for equipment that has been reinstalled after alteration, modification or repair.  These are usually performed by qualified nationally certified inspectors.
  2. Functional Test: Prior to each shift the functionality of your crane must be tested. This can be done by trained employees of the company.  Anderson Service, Inc provides training for customer’s employees to perform this inspection.
  3. Frequent Inspection: The frequency of this inspection is based upon the usage of your crane. A crane which operates under normal service should be inspected monthly.  Heavy service cranes should be inspected weekly to monthly and severe service should be inspected daily to weekly.  Anderson Service, Inc provides crane training to designated customers personnel to be able to perform this inspection.
  4. Periodic Inspection: Like the frequent inspection this inspection is done based upon the usage of your crane. Normal service cranes should be inspected annually, and severe service should be inspected quarterly.  This inspection is a very detailed inspection and can only be performed by qualified and trained personnel like the nationally certified inspectors of Anderson Service, Inc.

Anderson Service Inspectors attend different classes and training each year to ensure we are trained and current in all new regulations and guidelines.  We also offer inspections for the following items:

  1. Rigging
  2. Below the Hook Devices
  3. Aerial Lifts
  4. Car lifts
  5. Dielectric Testing
  6. Mobile Cranes
  7. Pallet Racking
  8. Boom Trucks

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